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Hello, new guy here. How are you?

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I need to check this topic more often, haha.


@NarnianKnight You wouldn't have to worry about hugs since the character Pharlim isn't necessarily one that favors affection (with the exception of one other character). Unlike a lot of anthro characters who tend to be goofy and lovable, you have Pharlim who is serious, determined, and a bit cold, haha. Yeah, I am interested to see what your style is like and tips would be great!


And yes, my character is a tiger.

Hehh, I'd be happy to help, I've been practicing and came up with a new species, "plantalope"

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Plantalope? That sounds very interesting.

Yeah, their mating season isn't very interesting to non sciencey people.. It pretty much is asexual. -edited for unarousing details-

they also have berries and leaves, mostly growing from their antlers.


@Admin -feel free to edit this, I'm pretty sure discussing spores is safe and unarousing though

Edited by NarnianKnight

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