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Just a few drawings

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Cobalt riding out on his motorcycle, a turbocharged Ducati 1199. this is my favorite drawing to date


A drawing of Cobalt in the fur, to get a good idea on what I look like. Digitally edited by a good friend of mine to make the eyes pop out perfectly. He did an amazing job and made it look way better with that simple little edit.


I love taurs. they're so weird and fun. this is a chakat friend i met a long while ago


my best friends, and those i call brothers. (all christian furs, however, the only one of them are on here is Zvoc :P)



I love doing cars. this was a concept i based off the 1971 Brubaker Box/Automecca Sports Van:

includes 4-wheel steering, full four wheel drive from electric motors front and rear, and its basically designed to be the smallest, sportiest, most efficient, and most fun van possible.


a wildly different concept, the Cerberus: 

this car is basically designed to be less of a car and more of an extension of your body. drew it out of a dream i had. sorry for the poor paper- i drew it on the back of a Nickelodeon Hotel map. didn't have anything with me then.


Dakar Warrior #81: my diesel-electric hybrid race truck built for the Dakar rally,built wild and unlimited in every way. I love it.




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You do really good work, Cobalt. ^^ I really like the first and last ones you posted in particular.


I saw these on DA too awhile back. :P

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BIG BRO!!! Oh this stupid forum or error or whatever! How didn't I see this!? I look into "Recent Topics" box, but it seems that your topic has been overflown by others!! Oh my I'm so sorry!


Thank you for posting this.

This is so deep.... so epic.... by epic, I mean like I'm watching a movie... A trailer... Oh my... *reads* "Not man, nor animal" Wow... "Nor even angel" Oh my... I thought at least angel. *reads on* "But a creation of Justice". God... This has got to be divine... It's so.... Awesome! Wonderful! Magnificient! Great! How can I possibly say "veliÄanstveno"!?

And also, it's just so sad to see how Cobalt is dead... After all of that. Unbeatable and still beaten... I have no idea what I would do in that story if that would happen. But it has a point. Being there furrified and leaving the world without anything. It just makes me want to use the time machine and fix this. But still, it's a fate of everyone.


You're so much better than me in this art. You've shown what's really inside of you. If I was to show what's inside of me, it would be too hysterical and hillarious to be taken seriously, even though it's serious kinda like what you've shown. I can hardly put my thoughts into pictures. I'm too hyperactive to do that. But you're awesome. *hugs my big bro Cobalt*

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Cool Nathan! we should have some fun being taurs and such sometime



and it's cool Zvoc. Cobalt's military job as the Yellow Jacket was a hybrid soldier, and God changed their plans and guided Cobalt to lead a mini-revolution to give justice and to punish the corrupt and the criminals.


Also, Cobalt isn't dead there. in the story, he was supposed to drive into a trap a corrupt branch of military set up and die, but he escaped just barely. He had to look like he killed himself, but he didn't. so instead, they took him into a helicopter and put him way up north where he was supposed to get lost and die, but he comes back once again. I won't spoil much else for you ;3


heh, when you focus art on style rather than quality, you see that your cartoony style is an expression of you. it is silly, but it can be serious at times. i focus on anatomy, in keeping the details of a realistic figure. this shows that i'm more realistic within my mind. your art is cartoon-y, with a style of exaggeration on paws/legs and such. that means you like to change your reality into something simpler and cartoon-y and exaggerate your views from what most people think about to what you think about

Edited by Cobalt-Lukather

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