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Have you ever made a first out of yarn? or only faux fur? i am making mine out of brushed out yarn.

This actually has been done before if you possess knitting skills, and own a slicker or barbeque brush (to brush the yarn out).

It can be done on a head, or for specific parts like a tail tip or lions mane if one doesn't want to purchase a whole hard of expensive long pile fur. However as a entire suit, yarn would need constant brushing and cleaning because the fibers are incredibly thin, if you've ever owned a yarn tail you'll know they seem to act like vaccums rather than tails :P

The thin fibers would knot after repeated washing and when combing these knots out, itd probably just rip the fibers out and slowly but surely leave you with a bald suit.


If you're in a honest to goodness pinch, use coupons or shorter pile!

Distinctive fabrics carries discounts regularly, and nice quality fur.

Overall a entire suit made of yarn, would not be such a good idea.

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What type of head do you use normally? Foam or composite?

Foam is much easier to sculpt, clean, and work with than any other material I've heard of.

Plus, if you mess up, all you need to do is add a piece of foam on xD. That'd be a a lot harder to do with resin or a slush cast, because when it comes out, its either perfect or its not.


Foam unbelievably so, is not just for going heads either, in fact Rebecca Sharpe (owner of Sharpe costumes), uses foam for some of realistic and semi realistic heads! It all depends on how you use it.


All foam heads are bulkier than partly foam (partly foam as in built off a balaclava with no base).

If you're interested in more of a toon style head, I recommend you look at kloofsuits bucket head tutorial, if interested in semi realism or a realistic head, look into Sharpe costumes' tutorial on Google.

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