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Real name: R2

Other names: Packard, Baapr, Neo

About your fursona: I’m a Neotoma Cinerea or packrat.  I live in the woods with Figment (Fig), a chinchilla, and Baal the fox.

Age: Old

Gender: Male

Location: Colorado Rockies

Artist/Writer: Draw a little, play drums, and blacksmith

Style: Draw: pencil and ink sketches. Drums: Christian rock/rock some blues.  Blacksmith: Traditional iron and coal

Been to any cons: RMFC

Fav. music: Uplifting music. Life is too short for sad songs.

Likes: Adventure in and discovering God’s creations with my life mate Fig

Dislikes: Politics

Church Denomination: Non-denomination

Anything else: Motto: Be what you is! If you be what you ain’t, then you ain’t what you is!

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