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Preparing for crowdfunding for the Minecraft server

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Remember this topic?: http://christianfurs.net/topic/8104-lets-crowdfund-for-a-new-clean-christian-friendly-furry-minecraft-server/


Now I need to know how to prepare my PayPal account for crowdfunding. I read that someone's PayPal account got blocked. It was probably because of donating a lot of money for buying or a big transaction. Now, I don't want that to happen to me so I want to know how to get the money properly. Can you help me?


I found this server: http://chromobyte.com/minecraft

These are the parameters:

Minecraft III
$6.99 monthly
1024MB (1GB) RAM
Unmetered disk space (with fair usage)
30 slots (anything above will slow down performance)
Unmetered bandwidth
Free enjin website (45-day free trial)
What do you think?
And do you think that the server should have its own enjin website for users?

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The specs look good, but the one thing I'm concerned about is the 1 GB of ram. That doesn't seem like enough to support a server, I mean, I can only run minecraft at that ram on low settings. Other than that this looks good.


As for the enjoin website, it's a must. Having one of these makes administration infinity easier, as forums can be used to deal with issues. It's also a got way to see if the server is up, who's on, and just that kind of thing.


As for the PayPal I have no idea. Sorry.

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Well then we have:


Minecraft IV

$9.99 monthly

2048MB (2GB) RAM

Unmetered disk space

50 slots

Unmetered bandwidth

Free enjin website


But I'm not sure about 50 slots. That's kinda too much. I don't think I'll be able to administrate the server all the time to keep it clean from furverts and trolls in this much players.

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You start with open network and you find friends and you build a fallowing. You come up with something people want to do and you build a world to do it. You have to get a base and set up for donations before you try to get money monthly. You gotta have something to invest in before you ask for investment


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