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Thomas, Maltuin

The "Proverbial Paradoxes of Paradigms in Parallel" project.

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If someone reads this and decides to participate later on, I'll pick it up.


I'd like to try something with you all, if you feel so inclined to participate. This thread is not a place for discussing the responses of others because there are no wrong answers. I'm going to make something and then at the end I'd like all who participate to help refine the end result. But the less you know, the more organic this process should be. This is experimental, I'm sure you have all noticed that I tend to wander outside the lines artistically. Here is what I need from you.

Post a response containing:

ONE thing in your life that at this very moment makes you feel hopeless, helpless, and alone.

Then skip a line and type:

ONE thing present in your life at this very moment that makes you feel hopeful, able, and encompassed with love.

Don't write me a book.
Don't explain.
Keep it simple.
The two inputs do not even have to be related. Try to think of them separately.

Now this is a Christian forum so...
God brings us all hope, rather than listing God, please use an example of something God put in your life or gave you that brings hope. If someone before you already used yours, go to the next thing in line that comes to mind.

Once again I want everyone to be comfortable sharing if they so desire, so please do not post here with recourse or comment on how there input is silly, irrelevant, or wrong.

However, please don't post any thing obscene (although I'd like to think that isn't an issue for anyone)

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