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Thomas, Maltuin

Once a Month

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Don't worry I don't intend to post every last one of my poems in the writing thread only to move them here. I'll probably start posting them here directly from now on.


nine thirty go to sleep

wake up check the time

five thirty blink it's seven

blink again eleven

day begins


coffee in feel the same

wish I had some snuff

though I could I do not move

stand up not desired

must go on


I'm angry no I'm not

who's this pessimist

Is that me well who am I

guess I'll find out later

elude truth


read some lit not just yet

where's the wife and lunch

whatsit mean to feel just blank

must be what I wished for

pray for peace


that's not nice lets not fignt

let's see it this way

do you like these pretty words

ignorant of meaning

I don't yield


eat some tuna feel the same

don't know how to smile

class starts soon I'll get it done

maybe I'll just sit here

I don't move


why am I angry now

I'm not just without

mad thoughts without emotion

a thoughtless steady heart

where was I


wish I could be myself

what would that be now

nothings right but nothings wrong

snuff was no good either

when I quit


did the world just stand still

while I slept for naught

did I miss it black or white

who knows any different

trying too


I did not maybe this

is who i am now

once a month without relief

until somethings written

much or less

Edited by Thomas Maltuin

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