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A little portable Windows 7 PC?

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I was thinking about buying a laptop or upgrading my currently slow and weak PC and I found out that I'm so flat broke that it will not be possible soon. :(

So I was thinking about something little, something I could grab out of my pocket, open and play with and then close at any time freezing the whole system state with all programs open and waiting for me opening it up. Such things are:

Raspberry Pi

Zotac mini-PCs

Open Pandora (sold out)


Raspberry Pi cannot run Windows XP efficiently and probably not even Windows 7.


Open Pandora is sold out, plus it would be so expensive that I'd rather buy a new desktop PC XD


On Zotac site, I couldn't find (because I was lazy and had no time or patience for surfing and searching) a mini PC with my favorite specifications.


The mini-PC should be something like a little keyboard with all buttons included and a touchpad bundled with the motherboard and an LCD display from which my eyes must not hurt. Detailed configuration:

Minimum 2GHz multi-core 64-bit processor

Minimum 4GB RAM

Must be able to run Minecraft without lag

Must be able to stream

Must be able to run minimum 4 USB 2.0 devices

Must have a VGA port so that if I'm at home I don't have to waste my eyes on tiny pixels

Keyboard must be Croatian QWERTZ

Must have audio input and output

Must have integrated microphone and speakers

Audio card must be fully compatible with any operating system (like all plug and play audio cards)

Battery must last 10 hours during constant usage

Must have Wi-fi

Must have flash storage memory or SSD. I don't want to be scared of accidentally dropping or tilting the device causing it to get a head crash.


I don't know if I'm asking too much, but there's so many consoles that are powerful like what I wish as I explained, but are illegal to be reverse engineered (Yes, Nintendo, I'm talking about you and your 3DS!) and changed into my wishes and I'd really wish if I could somehow have that powerful hardware in a little portable device.

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You're not going to find what you're looking for especially with 10 hours of battery life and even less likely to run minecraft well. The only thing that could is a Android tablet with a bluetooth keyboard but you would be limited to the Mobile version of Minecraft or you could get a netbook but it probably wouldn't run Minecraft well.

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