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Fiend to Friend Who's Back Again!

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Real name: Nathaniel


Other names: Kravix, Aura, CamoCrux, Papermodel,  Detheros, Bocifis,


About your fursona: Kravix, the Camo Crux


Age: 18


Gender: Male


Location: Northeastern Texas


Email: don’t want to say… at least not at the time I am writing this, if you want to contact me the easiest way is through my skype; Papermodel1


IM: see above ^^


Web site(s): no personal site but POOF!


Artist/Writer: sketch and sharpie artist, but I’m not too bad as a writer; or so they say…


Style: a stylishly stylish style!!!


Been to any cons: not until I get a ‘suite


Fav. music: as long as its instrumental or with Christian lyrics and isn’t rap I’ll listen to it,


Likes: new things, new people, the unknown, touch, intimacy, God,  relationships,  music, and being socially awkward.


Dislikes: repeating beyond necessity, inefficiency, non-intimacy and a lack of keeping sacred things sacred


Church Denomination: country-style Baptist


Anything else: originally I was Detheros, yes, however I do not recall ever posting a new-member thread and in my absence as I have pressed closer to God and learned things through him and relationships with Christian friends I changed in MANY ways including my fursona who is now Kravix, the ‘Camo Crux’. In essence one can say that Detheros is the pre-salvation-me and Kravix is the post-salvation-me, I am a whole new fur compared to what I was. I am always online on Skype by the Name Papermodel1 if you wish to talk, play, vent or whatever (lol, though I am presently fasting from skype, and may in the future as well, I will be online again starting Aug. 6. 2014).

I have a couple Christian furry skype groups if you are interested… (when I’m back online I can add you…)

I also take a ‘from the internets’ prayer request sheet to the elders of my church every Wednesday, I will try to make a post weekly on Tuesday mornings under ‘Prayer Requests’ as a reminder when I get back in my groove (lol a lot has been going on lately)

Love you! ^ ,,^—Kravix

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Wow interesting :) I'd wanna Skype chat some time.


*blushes a bright tone of green* THANKU! and as for Skype; text, voice or video, I can do it! ^ ,,^




*hugs* I am so happy that you are here and hope to spread some love :3


*accepts the hug, grabbing tightly with arms and tail and SQUEEZING as hard as he can... which isn't much!* oh hugs... I love hugs... and what to we do with the love of God but share it?! ^ ,,^

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Welcome back!  You beat me to the obvious pun!


**hands you a club T-shirt**


I think you'll fit in nicely here.

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