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JR Here and I Want to Spread Some Love!

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Hello Everyone!


My real name is- Kira Clark


My furry name or fursona name is- Jolly Rancher


My fursona Jolly Rancher is a Rainbow Otter. She loves to have fun with friends and hangout whenever she can. Jolly Rancher is an otter that makes you want to smile and make others look on the bright side of things. JR loves God and puts him first before anything, and sometimes its hard for her to talk with new people but in the end she will want to see you smile. Jolly Rancher is me crazy, fun, calm, friendly and colorful, Since JR is me she loves God, Anime, Gaming, Furries and Friends, I made JR because in my view a fursona is a part of you just in furry form and that is why JR is me and I am her.


Anyway I am- 19 yrs old


I am a- Female and single :3


I live in- Maryland


I like to think of myself as an artist because I do draw, and I get better at it each day. My art style is a standard carton look for everything I draw.


I have not to been to any cons yet. I will go once I have my fursuite.


My favorite artist is- Owl City


Likes- God, Anime, Manga, Gaming, Furries, Friends, Meeting new peoples, and other things (im not sure if I should post)


Dislikes- Assumptions, Liars, Olives, Hypocrites, and Satan


I am a- non denomination Christian meaning " I do not have a religion, I am a woman of God who lives by Christ Like and love people but let them decided rather they want to believe in God or not."


Anything else- Don't fight a fight that has already been won. For God has your back and that is enough for a victory.


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Many welcomes to the forum!


I'm Direlda, a silly kitsune who's studied thousands of pages of Japanese folklore and wrote about anime for a university paper.  So which anime and manga do you like?

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