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well if you REWLLY wanna know


Real name:James
;Other names: my art name is Psycho-delic... yea. I just feel right about it. oh well ;(

About your fursona: truth is! i don't want a fursona. BUT>>>. i shall be known as a tiger or possibly a tigon




Artist/Writer:Terrible visual artist. tho i compensate for my music abilities. i like to wright poetry here and there

Style:uhhhhh.,WEIRD, metal, hipster, wannabe punk-like psycho, ambient, deep, don't abide to social standards nor can i.

Been to any cons:don't plan on it for a while

Fav. music: Avante guarde metal, ambient acoustic,

Likes:Fog, rainbows, rare words, concept talk, leafy greens, the bible,

Dislikes: television, spiders, folly, i'm sorry normal is boring and shallow

Church Denomination:nondenominational, i go to a pentecostal church (a not super crazy one). and a baptist on occasion.

Anything else: God bless the ones that struggle with the vices of this earth>

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