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Fell's Fursuit Stuff (WIPs mostly)

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To start things off: A pink husky commission! This is for a guy that actually lives quite close to me in NJ. The order also came with hands, feet, and a tail which are done but I didn't include those pictures- the head is usually the most interesting part anyways.

Pink and white poof ball. Minimal shaving at this point and nothing is glued down or attached yet.
Shelf in the background is loaded with more of my art/craft supplies.

Looking much better after a nice shave, glued down; finished eyes and mouth details.

Final touches: attaching the "hair" and industrial. It was my first time making the earring, came out quite nicely I think!

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Well done, this is a cutie! I would like to see this from a head-on view, if you can to get a better idea of what it looks like. I like the bangs, though. I always prefer to make bangs out of fur, though it looks better. Wigs look strange on fursuits >_< Well done on the earring!

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