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Paper Phoenix


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Real name: Bri

Other names: Keaton

About your fursona: Keaton, an Arctic fox with brown hair, basically just me with fur. (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/12600870/)

Age: 22

Gender: Girl

Location: Maryland

Email: [email protected]

IM: bri.weidner (Skype)

Web site(s):






Artist/Writer: Illustrator!

Style: Lineless/cute/textural. I'm a children's illustrator.

Been to any cons: Otakon, Zenkaikon

Fav. music: Depends on my mood!

Likes: Tea, coffee, cute things, birds, Pokemon, green and brown, nature, drawing

Dislikes: Bananas

Church Denomination: Grew up Baptist, attending a non-denominational church right now.

Anything else: I'm married, I published a 24 page picture book last year, and I'm a part time illustrator / part time janitor.

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A Christian furry janitor eh? I'd love to meet a Christian furry janitor. :D

I'll have to look at the art tomorrow, about to head to bed. Welcome to CF!

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Welcome to our part of the web! ^^


*Direlda bows in greeting*  I'm a silly kitsune who normally leads an online Bible study and writes stories, but hasn't been able to do much of either this month.


Oh, and your art is fantastic!  And you've even made art with a Tolkien quote! \^o^/

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