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Hello from the northeast hills!

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Hello CF!


Like to introduce m'self and give some basics.


Real name: John


Location : Northeast USA


Occupation: getting into everything but trouble. (sometimes)


Christian, baptistic in beliefs.


Fursona : Grey Squirrel. Do we have any other squirrels on here?


I was labeled as a Grey Squirrel years ago by my family, and it stuck.

Strangely, it seems to fit. Have toyed with the idea of jazzing it up a bit but time will tell.


Country boy through and through.


I love the smell of a summer dirt road as I'm sailing down it in my truck.


I love bluegrass and country music, and play 5string banjo in my free time.


Obviously much more to tell.. but I'll leave long stories for another thread.


Where does everyone mostly hang out on here? Looks like some varied interests.


Can't wait to meet y'all!

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A silly welcome from me!  Would you like tea or fish?


*Direlda bows in greeting*  I'm the random red fox who is hoping to have the time to start the online Bible study back up.

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