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Address to Administration and Staff, (See: Locking threads without reason)

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This is a direct reply to Rukh's post on my previous topic. I am posting here, because he felt that my response should be private. When it comes to a matter such as this, I believe administrators should be accountable, and all discussions made public so that there is no question as to what is being said.



Yes, I have a problem. But, the first thing that happens when I return is to have someone pull out part of a post that I believed to be quite valid.

Also, as I'm sure you've been talking about me and fully understand what has happened, I did not threaten the security of the board, not then, not now.

What I did was release malicious information to the one whom that information was about. I have no problem admitting that.

And, yes, I broke the rules. But when you think about it, something like that, talk like that, shouldn't be hidden.


As for quite recently, I simply mention that I could have been on still if staff had allowed additional transparency, which as I can tell, there have been no changes. I fully expect the administrators to be speaking poorly of me. It's what has been proven and demonstrated.

Putting the edits back in, there is no rule listed about that. Yes, I read the rules. I believe the users of CF should know just what the administrators do, or, don't do.


As for returning to cause drama, no. I was giving you a chance. It really does annoy me that you don't even acknowledge a major flaw in standard moderation and administration policies and practices.




You tell me not to make this a public drama ordeal. Your choice what this turns into. It can become a serious discussion about the flaws in your policies and practices. Or, you can turn it into a drama show and turn me into a monster. I'm hoping you'll be smart and use this as a chance to admit that you need improvement. If you want to turn me into a monster, that's your choice, but when it comes down to it, you need to understand, this is a major issue. When you do not address problems properly, just as you are now, or simply deal with issues without thinking or trying to resolve them, that's where you are going to crumble, fall, and fail. Miserably. How many times have you, the staff, done something without considering how to better resolve the issue at hand?


If you're smart, you will not leave this issue unattended.

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Yeah, we're not going to leave the issue of someone knowingly breaking rules and provoking staff. You sir, are banned.


You're making posts intentionally provoking and insulting forum staff. No forum would put up with this.

As a moderator-in-training you agreed to not compromise the security of staff sections of the forum (which all forums have). No forum would tolerate this, best case scenerio you would be barred from being staff, which is what happened.

Even if you would have been a good admin, you still probably wouldn't be because we just don't need that many.

The situation in question that was over a year ago was kept in private in the interest of not starting a flame war. The other party took down the information they made public quickly after putting it up.


Putting back mod edits would fall under not listening to staff. Which, even if it isn't written down, no forum will tolerate.

And you are the one who has chosen to make this an ordeal. You could have left it at the edited post, you could have left it at the private warning, but still you continued to make more threads about it. Again, this is something that will get you banned from any forum.


Since there's clearly no reasoning with you, you are simply banned, and this post is here for reference.

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