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Halloween YCH auction :3

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The theme is trick or treating. ^_^
Your (Feral)character after a night of trick or treating, hauling their over full bucket back home.....careful not to drop any :o

It can be any species and it can be Male or Female
This will be a feral only Auction! So no anthros!
examples of quality: example 1 example 2

Starting bid will be $10!
Min increment is $2
*Please comment below if you wish to bid*
Or visit my FA link to bid there. ---> https://www.furaffinity.net/full/11791867/

Costumes are allowed of course clear.png The higher the bid, better the art and the more you get!

~*Auction will end on October 20th 2013!*~
Winner will receive the piece before the 31st!
Happy bidding!

~Nova Caine

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