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I'm back, it's been a while fo sho.

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Hey, some of y'all may actually remember me...;3


Real name: Mike

Other names: Koshka, Koshka Rytsar, koshi, Hikari

About your fursona: More of a character than a fursona, I guess. I kinda have different little characters that represent different sides of me; the one I usually roll with though is named Hikari (and is actually a girl, because girls are cool :P)

Age: 21

Gender: Bro

Location: Alabama

Email: [email protected]

IM: Does skype count? mike.mcgee79

Web site(s): http://www.furaffinity.net/user/koshkarytsar/

Artist/Writer: I draw every now and then. I'm more of a musician though.

Style: I'm like a punk hipster musician wierdo...if you're asking how I dress.

Been to any cons: Nyupe

Fav. music: Oh gosh, too much...I wanna eventually be a soundtrack composer, so I listen to a lot of soundtracks (Man of Steel!!!), but I love alternative rock, indie, techno, even a country song or a rap song here and there.

Likes: Jesus, My amazing college group at church <3, cats, music, video games, movies, anime

Dislikes: Abortion (a.k.a. murder), objectification of women, racism, sexism, wasps, rapcore/nu-metal

Church Denomination: Southern Baptist (on paper, anyways)

Anything else: myauuu~

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