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James SilverWolf

An e-mail and encryption tidbit for Linux

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Well I was looking around some security-oriented things the other day and happened across this: http://web.archive.org/web/20130707044556/http:/sealedabstract.com/code/nsa-proof-your-e-mail-in-2-hours/ with regard to the recent N.S.A. spying news.  It isn't any good to me, but perhaps you more program/code oriented people on here with linux can make some use of it.  As I understand it it's hosting one's own e-mail and making it have better encryption and spam filtering than gmail.  As far as encryption goes, one may want to use GPG where they use PGP, since I've heard rumor of PGP being compromised.  I know nothing of code, so I couldn't say what all this actually does, so grain of salt and all that.

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