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I have a dedicated graphics card, a xfx radeon hd 680 that I have sending in rma because of issues, so I need to switch back to my integrated graphics. That should be no problem, but my motherboard (a gigabyte ga-z68ap-d3) does not have a vga port. Vga is a 3 line plug, this motherboard has a 2 line plug. I have a hdmi port (not on my monitor) and I tried to hook up the pc to the tv. I get no signal.

I had this working before while I was waiting for a cable adaptor to run the graphics card last year, so I am not sure what changed since then. I am running the latest driver for the integrated graphics as well. I am at a loss of what to do. I fear that when I get a hdmi to vga (for the monitor( adaptor I will run into the same problem. Any help would be great.





Edit: When I try with the graphics card in and plugging my hdmi into my tv, when I turn the power on (to the tv) my pc monitor goes to the background screen and everything disappears. Goes back to normal once I turn the tv off.

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