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Hi, everyone.  My name is Fnaire Otter.  I'm on otter by marriage but an anteater by species.  I am the number two alter in this multiple personality system.  Normally, I'd have my own account, but the admins have asked us to share one, and it seems like a reasonable request.

I am Oren's wife and mother of four: Our oldest son is Firoz, a half tiger from my previous marriage.  Then there's the twins, Jason and Amanda.  And finally, little Jackie Jo.

I am in my second marriage, being sort-of divorced and sort-of widowed from my first.  It's a long story.  I think I am very fortunate in that even though my husband insisted we break apart, we remained friends until he died.  I loved him very much.  Now I have Oren, and I think I'm the luckiest alter ever, because he's been wonderful to me.  It's because of him that our family finally understood that I'm a person with feelings, not just a medical phenomenon. 

I am a cartoonist.  I draw and star in Room For One More.  I also help to draw other comics.  I'm a late-night DJ on OtterTunes radio, and soon to be the hostess of a new sci-fi themed block called the nerd hour.

I'm an amateur fashion designer, and I like to think I'm pretty good.  I've still got a box of Barbie clothes from which I take inspiration.  I like football, though our body is too messed up to play anymore.  I also like to dance when I'm feeling good enough.  I've been studying hip-hop style, but I'd like to learn more complex forms such as ballroom, Irish step and ballet.  Shucks, I just want to learn them all.  I also love eating bugs.  Unfortunately, it's hard to get many food-grade bugs here in the US.  I usually settle for shrimp and crab.

Like many alters, I do have memories of a past which technically didn't happen, but it is real to me.  I was born in Choyhaqui, Chile.  My parents are missionaries and when I was about five, we moved to South Africa and lived on a wildlife preserve near Sun City.  I came to America to go to college here.

I really did go to college, by the way.  I attended the Art Institute of Pittburgh where Oren and I took classes together, sometimes to the confusion of our classmates.  Sadly, tuition ran out in our Sophomore year, and we didn't graduate.

So that's me.  I hope to become great friends with all of you.

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