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Um...Art Request?

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So, um...I can't pay for a commission...but would anyone be willing to do a request for me?


Would anyone be willing to draw a pic of my fursona, Blayze?


I'll probably draw a myself when I have time, so this isn't needed...but it would be fun to see someone else's take on it!


Here is a pic of Blayze made on a wolf creator game (sorry I forgot to crop it; I can fix that later): https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-bZCcGuIbarE/UTkn6KUk8hI/AAAAAAAAA7o/wT1bii7RUig/s1062/blayze_1.png


Here is a similar pic with a couple of items added: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-B4h0nUw5YV0/UTkn6K7ZqPI/AAAAAAAAA7g/Do-cdy7F6Yg/s630/blayze_2.png


[she's supposed to have 5 tails, but it's kinda hard to see :P]


I know she ain't anthro, but she doesn't have to be, right?

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