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I'm new!

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Real name: [Private]


Other names: Too many to mention


About your fursona: Her name is Blayze, and she is a blue wolf with green eyes, dragon-ish wings, and 5 tails. (I picture her as walking on all-fours instead of anthro...I think that counts...)


Age: 15


Gender: Female


Location: A place where animals are :P


Artist/Writer: Both!


Been to any cons: No...I haven't really told anyone...


Fav. music: Christian Rock, Christian Hip-Hop, and Dubstep!


Likes: Animals, cartoons/anime, music, writing, drawing, stuffed animals, hanging with friends, watching/making YouTube videos, playing video games (I'm very aggressive at them!), etc.


Dislikes: People being mean towards others :(


Church Denomination: North American Baptist [it's different from other Baptist denominations]


Anything else: Um, well...I'm very shy and sensitive...and very socially awkward...and I just hope that you guys will like having me around...


Oh, and I'm a major tomboy! ^_^

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hi there! welcome to the forums, and be sure to check out the IRC chat ^_^

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