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Rather late than never: My character Tycho Aussie

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Hello everyone!


I've been way busy with a career change, taking care of my family, and learning the ins and outs of college life.


One of the things that me and my three kids have been doing over the past ten months is volunteering as a freelance mascot in our community, at art festivals, parades, fundraisers, and even an event or two with our church. My kids are my handlers and photographers, and they have grown in responsibility plus seen the wonderful benefits of service.


Tycho has been featured on our community news channel, been in the newspaper multiple times, and been awarded a plaque for "best first time entry", as well as the lead position for the Williamston Christmas light parade. We've been featured in our township's art festival and invited to return for this year as well.


So here's a few pictures of Tycho Aussie, which started life as concept sketches in November, 2009. Special Thanks to Foxbunny for helping me along with some art ideas, back in January, 2010.


So, here's Tycho Aussie, who we use almost exclusively for public fursuiting here in Mid-Michigan. There are no plans at this time to attend a furcon. The actual fabricator / builder of Tycho was Lilleah West of Beastcub Creations. http://tychoaussie.deviantart.com





















Its been an amazing tool for opening up and getting to know people. It's spread delight and wonder, and merriment, too!

I've started running into people two, three times now and they usually have a story to tell about the first time they met Tycho.


This weekend was no different. A woman approached me while I was running in our winter 5K race, and she told me about how her elderly mother, age 99, met me at the outdoor concert at the park and how I had spent time with them. Her mother smiled, and stroked Tycho's fur, and a few weeks later passed away. So, I may have a photograph, and the lady seemed quite thrilled to find out that there was a possibility of having that last memento. It's not one I've previously published, but I printed an 8 x 10 and will bring it to the township offices where she can pick it up. It's stuff like that which keeps popping up when we take Tycho Aussie out. ...and between the whimsical delight, and the songs we sing, and the dances I get to do in costume, we have on multiple occasions, been able to witness as to our faith and inspiration.



And, This is how I use Tycho Aussie for service to our community. God put this upon my heart, and the blessings have been awesome.



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That's awesome! ^^ I'm glad you have such a wonderful opportunity like that. May God continue to bless other people through your fursuiting.

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Welcome :3


Actually' date=' he's an old-timer. :P




But aye, that suit is absolutely awesome. ^__^



:grabs cane and swings it:


"old timer, indeed!"

I might be a greymuzzle but I can still keep up with the young 'uns


btw, did I mention I'm in the PhD Candidate program now? My students last semester nicknamed me "Bill Nye" and some students this semester want to do a rap video that includes Tycho as a science project but I'm unsure about that x.x

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