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So lets make a game

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Short Version:

1. I program the game. You can see random-ish things I can do here.

2. You make all of the artwork.

3. I would highly prefer, that I can put the game on my website (too. I don't care what you do with it).

4. The game will of course, give you credit back (very reasonably). I wouldn't mind using a url as long as it would obey every possible law and is appropriate for all ages under 5 billion years.

5. You make most of the ideas too, or all of them.

6. I can't program everything.

7. I can make games playable in a 3DS Internet Browser, depending on what's going on in the game (it won't be fast no matter what).

8. I don't use flash. I will use whatever I can do with basic web design stuff.

9. My programming work can take days to a few weeks, depending on what you want done.

10. Ask if you have any questions.

11. Notice #3 above. Then note that I'm programming everything for free.

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