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I feel like I should reintroduce myself.

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Hi there CF. You may recognize me, or you may not. I used to be active on here through posting or lurking, back, well...whenever I did. Over a year or something ago.


Long story short I fell off the narrow road, the righteous path. For a while I kept trying to get back on it, but I just could not claw my way back. Actually, as it'd turn out I was doing it all wrong, so wrong...from probably day one of my 'belief' years ago. It was a hard truth to realize and infact it made me want to just quit. I felt so little, small, stupid, and insignificant. I almost did just quit, but I didn't.


So now I'm here. While part of me makes me think I should do everything different because my core way of thinking was wrong...I still realized I had good fellowship here, and other places.


Lastly, I'll admit, it's still hard. Getting my mind straight, trying to have the mind of Christ. I haven't been like that for so wrong...maybe not even ever. But gosh darn it, I'm going to be on the right path again.


So that all said, hi again, I guess.

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