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Galantine Knight Misticore

SDK and THX Mod Minecraft Server on Survival 2 world

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Well chaps I finally got a minecraft server to handle the SDK Gun Mod and the THX helicopter mod on that Survival Games 2 Map, I am trying to run some tests and also bring in others who are not Furry, so if you wish to jump on with me I'd be happy to white list you... Now before you can be white listed you must have the mods on your client in order for it to work...


First you need the gun mods for the SDK 1.2.5 and the mod loader with the mod loader MP


After you have that installed to the minecraft jar file you also need to install just the helicopter THX mod into the jar and then punch in my IP address that i will message you, to save me from trolls :)


But anyway here is how I would run the server... Every time at the start of a new week I will reload the map bran spanken new!!! This will keep people from hoarding weapons and trying to limit the fun of others and will also make a fresh new map to blow up to your hearts content... also the spawn area will be neutral and helicopters provided by using wood to craft them and you can also make weapons from creative mode which I can individually swap or just provide a big chest of them that you can take. Then you fly out of the spawn area with your weapons and just fight for food land and base control.



During this whole week of fighting people will enjoy free fighting and just having fun...


Also if I'm not around and you die, well sorry but your just going to have to make your own weapons and I'm sure there is a way to do this on the SDK (not sure I have to check) but at least for an attack helicopter you only need 6 pieces of wood.


Again I am only trying to test the performance of this new server and try different settings, please remember that this is not a commitment on my part unless it is fun for me so don't disappoint me by spamming or using inappropriate languages, cause that will easily give you a boot and it will certainly cause me to not host a server for a longer time....


As far as griefing goes, you can try to impress me by setting booby traps killing people without hax and having a good time... Griefing is in fact encouraged cause this is a survival war based server and not a pansy wagon caring a baby.. You will get sniped, dragged, beaten, and killed... and if you complain I will boot you as well unless it is a legitimate unfairness and I see multiple unfair deaths telling me someone is spawn killing and then I will boot the appropriate abuser from the white list.


Also please stay inside the glass dome, I don't have time to fly outside and see whats going on, so if your killed outside the dome trying to build a base, sorry your loss not my fault and if you hoard weapons and they get stolen, then its your fault for leaving them lying around.



Also I am still busy with my own life so if I don't get back to you in a timely manner go find something else to do cause that means I'm busy...


Alright I think that pretty much settles it and if you kill me when you know I'm trying to do server stuff such as provide weapons and answer questions.... don't test me cause ill just boot you for annoyance.





Also this is a nonprofit server its my own creative have fun so just join and all credits of enjoyment gained I give credit to SDK and THX as well as the creater of Survival Games 2 world

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