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Christianfurs.net Forum Rules


1. Encouraging other members to participate in illegal activities such as underage drinking or illegal drug use will result in a ban.


2. Prohibited content:

  • Sexual explicit content is never okay. Do not post it in any form.
  • Christianfurs has a strict policy on language. "Hell," and, "damn," are okay in their biblical contexts, but nothing stronger than these, and these are never to be used to curse someone. This includes Acronyms.
  • Please do not take the Lord's name in vain. This includes acronyms.
  • Please do not use creative spellings or self censor words that you aren't allowed to say with stars. This is no-different from saying them as you're still communicating the word.

3. Outgoing links must not contain the content prohibited by rule two. Linking to youtube videos with curse words is not allowed. Linking to any website with pornographic images is not allowed. Links may also not be used to circumnavigate any of the forum's rules.


*Exception: Comments from users on webpages are okay so-long as it's not the main content of the page (for example, the YouTube video itself) breaking the rule. We understand that you would not be able to link to any news article, YouTube video, or amazon product review if comments were included by this rule.



4. Please do not spam or advertise other forums or communities on the forum.


5. Each individual is permitted one account, and one account only . Creation of multiple accounts will result in one of them being removed, and may result in a ban. (a)


6. Trolling, and baiting the emotions of others is never tolerated and can result in a permanent ban.


7. Statements of dramatic or political leave will result in an account being, "Retired." After which point you will need to email an Admin to discuss having it re-opened.


8. Please keep all threads on the topic of the original post.


9. Selling art/stories/commissions is fine, please don't sell other things (car parts, toasters, etc... This includes eBay links)


10. In depth roleplaying is permitted only in the roleplaying board.


11. Personal attacks are not permitted and are taken extremely seriously.


12. If you see someone breaking a rule on the forum, please use the, "report," Button on the bottom right hand side of their post and write a description of the problem for forum staff to consider. Please do NOT try to handle problems on your own or, "Back seat moderate," as this is a job for our staff.




A. Members may contact admin no more than once every twelve months to request a name change. If a name is changed the text, "Formerly " will be added to their headline. It will be left there for 2 weeks.

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