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Partial downtime last night

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 06:59 PM

Last night our host in the UK had a major outage in their routers (routers are what connect a data center of servers to the outside internet). This routing issue would have made CF.net inaccessible to anyone outside of the UK -- however, Cloudflare was able to mitigate the problem and keep our forums online (at least for me, not sure if anyone else experience different) and our round-robin ensured IRC did not experience anything more than an annoying net-split (sorry guys!).

This is one case where using Cloudflare saved our butts; but, if you did experience any downtime we are sorry, and our host is sorry:

Good afternoon,


Tonight, 3 24x10G cards on 2 ASR 9010 routers had this bug at the same time. This broke the network into 3 pieces: USA/London/Amsterdam/Warsaw, Roubaix and Paris/Frankfurt/Madrid/Milan. Normally the traffic would be routed, but in this case it was just sent but never received in Roubaix.


Anyways, the outage took longer than 99.9% / 99.95%, with it's 1h22 which is longer than the "allowed" 43 minutes a month of downtime. We were thus in breach of our SLA in regards to the Network uptime guarantee. If you would like a compensation for this, please contact support quoting your affected server name.

It's never enjoyable to write these kinds of E-mails, but if we screwed up, well, you explain why and say sorry.

Again, sorry.

Kind regards,

Florian Jensen

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