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Some Gimp help for you

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So I had some asking on how to use gimp better so I decided to try and make a slide show of how I can turn This





Into This




Bare with me its going to take a few posts till I'm finished

Step one I am basing this as if you already have a scanner and Gimp downloaded to your computer. First open Gimp and the line art you wish to work with.



Next you will want to go to the color tab and work on the brightness and contrast anything to darken up those lines don't worry about the ugly marks left on the paper.




Next and probably one of the most important steps during this whole process are layers You HAVE to get used to working with layers.






Follow the little arrows to find how to get layers.




so click the little + go to add tab click layers it will add a layer option beside your other tabs I enjoy having my Layers on my actual screen to do that just click the tab and drag out were ever you want you visual layers to be.

OK time to actually add new layers Go to top of the screen and push new layer and your new layer will show up in your little layer box you just created.



The order things go in is not important this is just the order I went in we are going to get ready to line the art but were going to use the paint tool option to set how we want the lines to look Adjust the size of the paint line and switch the Brush Dynamics to Size. Unselect Opacity if it is selected.




The Arrow on the right is showing you the new layer you had just made.

Okay to make lining this easier we need to make our picture's line not black and we need to be able to change the back ground color so we need a transparent back ground and this is easy to get go to layers. Go to Transparency click on Color to alpha Poof done. Won't work if there is already colored back ground in the photo has to be uncolored lined art.




Hookay now were going to need another new layer so that we have three so go ahead and add a new layer. One layer should be above the line art one layer should be below the line art. The Layer below the line art we can use as a background Color I am going to use blue because it will be easy to see agents white and I can also see black on it and I will explain this in a little on why I do this.


To move the layers there are green arrows you just push those arrows and what ever layer you currently have selected will move either up or down.



With the bottom layer selected use paint bucket as arrow points to to fill with the color blue. I pray you can figure out how to get your own colors if now just double click on the black and then more colors will show up.


Now click on the layer with the original lines and were going to reverse the colors on it so that they are white.




Go to Colors then invert. It will only invert what ever layer you are working on.

now we have a blue print of our picture yay! ok now were going to start to line it. what Ever color you have up is what color your lines are going to be so I want them black click the little black and white box and that will reset your colors. Then click the ink pen called path tool.



when you use path tool you will be clicking and little dots will show up for example on my hear. Click on the points of your line like I have done here.




Don't worry yet that they don't match the ear right.

Oh yeah and use the magnifying glass to zoom in it helps


Ok now we can make the lines shape to the ear click on the lines and pull them back to about were the ear lines are you will see little boxes use them to help shape your lines just play with them you will get the hang of it.


Also if you miss a box something strange comes up I don't know what it is used for just push Undo or CTR Z. CTR Z is the short cut for Undo and can quickly become your best friend.



Once you have the line the way you want it it is time to stroke the path. Click the button stroke path then click stroke with paint tool then click stroke. And the path you created will be lined instantly for you.



Once you have done this I get annoyed with the little ink pen so I will just click out of the ink pen and go back to it because it likes to memorize your old lines for some reason and it drives me crazy.



OHHH and make sure you are on the layer above the old lines don't fail like I did because if you line the old lines this won't help you even a little. Don't be like me



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next time to pick out your colors well since this is Sakiki I just pulled up an old art of hers and used the color picker tool to get my colors. just put some dots on your line art place to just have them close by. also you can not show a layer if you click the eye ball next to it.



Everytime I see your frigging art it always seems to be better than the last thing you did.


Awww thanks ^_^


Okay Time for a new layer again guys make a new layer now I have some crazy face marks that drive me crazy but I found the path tool makes some good lines and I will use that to map out on my line art were I want the red and such.



Ok now make a new layer and fill in those lines like this ^_^




then use the blur sharpen tool on both the layers with that color it will just smooth out those likes a bit that tool looks like a tear drop.

New layer add white I put in a different back ground so I can see the stuff that gets out of the lines just neaten up with the eraser



Ok new layer add small colors like eyes nose paw pads inside of the ears.



Yay now the base colors are in place time to do some shading using the ink tool lower the opacity on just your black.



LOL I know it looks weird but once you blend it in it brakes up the colors taking away the solid color affect. Use the smudge tool and bring down it occupancy or it will leave weird glitch like affects eww.



Ok once you got the body blended in and you touch up the edges of the picture with the eraser then make a new layer and add detailed shadows. here are some area's were I did the shadowing. lower the opacity of the smudge tool even more and don't move the tool much just tiny ups and down till the shadows are natural looking.



OK time for eyes my way they are crappy but hey they work


full black bring up the opacity again oh and a new layer as well and you put a stupid dot like this and make your eyes look like retard eyes



zokay now do this with the White




Yay retard eyes!

Ok now use your blur sharpen tool on the eyes and they look more like precious moment eyes now ^_^



Time to save all woot your work here is done! Save your image at least two ways




This is XCF this will save it so you can always come back to make more changes to your art.

Also save a PNG with the Alpha back ground if you open just this you can still put photo's behind your picture ^_^




and you can save with my least FAV JPG that diorentates the colors you work so hard to make perfect but won't put a black background on your photo. Or I guess you can save a PNG with a white back ground..... I'm a Genius!!

Well there you have it Sakiki's Line art and Coloring I hope this helps some of you and with your art as well ^_^

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