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Well, after waiting a while to get my new computer set up I finally get the chance to change my avatar and upload some pictures i drew in CF, too bad there's a problem.

My current profile pic is black, white and a bit boring, so I colored it and downloaded it onto my computer. I went to my user CP and selected change avatar and browsed my pics. I selected the colored one and clicked 'change avatar' but my black and white pic came back up! So I tried it some other ways by actually downloading it, no change. I selected a completely random picture from my library, no change. I deleted the black and white picture from my computer, it came back up again. If you know what's happening PLEASE help, I'd very much appreciate it. I do have photobucket, but I'm not sure how to use it. My pictures are alread on Photobucket.


Plus, i don't know how to upload my pics to the art thread :P

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