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Nova's Art

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So I'm not sue this is the right place to post this (if not then may a mod/admin move it accordingly plz) but I would love to show you guys my art :3

Unfortunately I have a link to FA(FurAffinity) atm x3

I do have a Deviant Art account but I need to upload allot to it still and is in the works.

Other wise I'd send you all there and you wouldn't have to worry about the stuff found on FA these days >.<

But not to worry, I assure you my gallery is clean and safe!

Nothing bad about it at all :3

so without further a due, here's the link :3



I like to work with MS Paint these days as its all I have have, but recently I have acquired a Tablet and a new art program to go along with it :D

So I'll be doing some of my newer art on that ^-^

I'm quite happy!


I'm open for commissions if you guys would like anything, or I can take requests. BUT they would have to be sketches atm. and I probably won't have em done till after the new years x3 but you will get them! :P lol


Anyway Enjoy! ^-^

I look forward to convening with other artists here too :3

Thank you


~NovaCaine <3

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