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Surreal stuffs

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I've been using my new tablet to do a couple of surrealist style digital paintings. Critique is much appreciated; I'm still relatively new to art :P

EDIT: I want to hear some of your thoughts as to what the symbolism in these pictures says to you :)






"The Path"












The first one I did in like 20 minutes, but the second one took me 2 or 3 hours.

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Both of these were actually inspired by Proverbs 14:12 :)

Well, at least the first one was anyway. The second one is a little more loosely inspired by that verse.


It may be breaking all the 'rules' of surrealist art to tell you this, but here's what they mean to me:

The first one is a guy in a hot air balloon with a light bulb instead of a balloon. The world around him looks blurry and confusing, so he tries to use his own ideas (symbolized by the light bulb) to escape. As you can see, it isn't getting him anywhere, and the light bulb/balloon casts no shadow, so it really isn't even there at all.

The second one is a rock being weighted down by a balloon. Sometimes the material things we attach to ourselves to try to lift us up end up bringing us down and keeping us from going anywhere.

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