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So because I don't currently have internet at my residence in Korea, I won't be able to host Bible study for you guys this weekend T.T I'm currently using the school I'm teaching at's internet, which is why I'm being brief.


I will have things ready for the weekend after that, so if you haven't checked out the poll for which book of the Bible you want covered, please do so by the 24th! (it will give me time to prepare).


Also, it appears I will be teaching ESL Bible classes! (O.o) (^.^) (as you can see, I'm mixed about that).


I'll chat more later, but I really should be going now (my wife and I need to replace the alarm clock we brought with us and buy groceries, and I should stop using the school's internet for non-work purposes).


Look forward to being able to chat with all of you soon!

Blessings and Shalom,


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