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Fractal comissions?

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Would anyone be interested in having a custom made fractal?



(Click for full size)











What you get:

  • A fractal image rendered at the screen resolution of your monitor (to make a nice wallpaper)
  • renders.flame file containing the parameters to generate your fractal (if you want it at a different resolution or something)
  • If you order more than 3: a Windows 7 compatible themepack of your fractals ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5429132/ )
  • You can also choose the color spectrum that it's rendered with


I'm not sure what to charge for something like this. Pay what you feel is right, how's that?



  • What is a fractal?
    A fractal is a graph of a mathematical equation
  • Woah, how did you make this? Did you solve that equation yourself?
    No, I didn't graph these by hand. I used a program called Apophysis.
  • That makes you so much less cool.

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