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Monday, Jan. 17th, 2011

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I pray that You please ease the hearts that are suffering,and that You let them know how much You genuinely love them,and how You're always here for them..I ask that You please answer the prayers of those who wish deeply for their dreams to come true,and that You build them up stronger and stronger until You feel that all is ready for them to sail to new seas.

Lord,I can't thank You enough for what You've already done for us,and how much closer we're becoming with You and You're beautiful heart..We love You,more than anything and anyone,and we praise You for Your mercy.

Sometimes we may struggle with things,and we may fall,but all that matters is that we look forward to the One who saves us and helps us onto our feet...You. :heart:


We love You Lord,and in Jesus's name we pray,


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