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Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011

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Heavenly Father,


We ask you that you help us to start out the new year with a holy mindset. The new year is a time for us to refocus on you, to strengthen areas where we are weak and to fortify areas where we are strong. It is a time to get close to you and deny ourselves. We all love you with all our heart and soul, and without you we'd be nothing. You are Love, Liberty and Life.


Lord, help those who continue to struggle with sin; when the storm blows against them let them know that the sun always shines after the rain, that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.


Some of us are fasting in order to get even closer to you Lord, and I ask that you help them to be strong-willed and determined as they abstain from certain things to be close to you.


I ask that you heal those who are sick, give courage to those who are discouraged, and comfort those who are hurting and sad. I pray that you will stay close to those people and let them know "I am always with you".


We love you Lord, and we pray these things in Jesus' name,



I ask that you all forgive me for not posting prayers as often as I said I would... I've been rather unmotivated and I am currently praying and fasting to help rekindle my passion for God. We all go through seasons of spiritual drought, and while I am improving and feel more motivated, I know that God will pour his spirit out soon.


Thank you for being so patient with me. <=)

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