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Saturday Jan 1st 2011

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I just wanted to thank You for another year of dreams,visions,and most of all,another year to spend becoming even closer to You. I ask that You please bless those through this whole fresh new year,Father,and that You help pick up those who fall,so that they may walk once again along the path that you've chosen for them.

Nothing is ever impossible with you,God,and I pray that You help reassure those who sometimes feel weary that Your Will is always good,and always just,because You Yourself are True Love..You are a True Love that only can be found through You. Pure and Genuine...Full of Holy Power that is unmatched and invincible..You are Holy,and all of us here thank You for being Who you Are. We thank You for another day at living,another chance at redeeming ourselves,and another time to focus our eyes onto You. We thank you SO much,Father,and in Jesus's name we pray,



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