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Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010

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Heavenly Father,


We thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful new day. I pray that as the new year draws close we can develop a completely new mind-set, and start out the new year motivated and willing to live for you. Let us put old habits aside, abstain from habitual sin, and conquer evil in the holy and powerful name of Jesus Christ. Lord, we will never be perfect in this life, and we ask you to forgive us for our sin and imperfection. But we do love you and many of us strive to improve every single day.


Help those who feel as if they have back-slidden, because they do not have to start over from scratch, but they can continue where they left off. Show mercy on those going through times of hardship and heal the sick and the heartbroken. Lord, we will do whatever you have us do.


We ask you these things in Jesus' name,




PS - At the beginning of next year (I will announce the date) my church is participating in a seven day fast to spiritually prepare for the new year. All who are able to join are welcome.

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