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Christmas gifties closed!!

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Since I missed Secret Santa( ;n; ), I still wanna make Christmas gift drawing commission thingies for y'all! ^^

They are free, cuz my Art stinketh and I wouldn't make someone pay for it x3


So... Lets see...

They are most likely going to be hand-drawn, then scanned and done digitally with GiMP. :3 I can kinda do furries, dragons, horses, animals and horrible chibis. As long as its nice and preferably not people, I'm happy. :3

I guess thats all I could do decently. :3


Uhm, Just so I dont overwhelm myself, I'll take up to three requests at a time up until Christmas. If between now and then it fills up (which I doubt :P), then you have to wait till a slot opens up so check back often ^^


Go to Wolffe's DeviantART to see my gallery and my styles. ^^


Just make sure you are painfully specific with what you want, I mean I CAN ad lib, but I would prefer not to cuz I am bad :3


*All of the thingies will be sent out on or around Dec. 25th :3


**Also I'm doing furries in the drawing style of the HousePets comic, cuz thats a neat style for furries and I can actually draw them like that xP My new avatar is a good example :3


And.... enjoy..? xP


Chakor Bloodmoon = Done ^^


-Slot 1 Open-

--Slot 2 Open--

---Slot 3 Open

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