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Rena Hikari

Christmas Giveaway!

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Hello, I am a forum lurker, and an aspiring artist. Recently I have been thinking about having an art giveaway for all of the users on this forum.


This is my DeviantArt account.


The details are as follows:


I will be giving away One Drawing of the winner's fursona, in traditional mixed media, with a simple background.


I will be accepting entries effective immediately, and the contest will end on December 20th, 2010 at 11:59pm (EST). And your entry must be received during this period. Any entries after this period will be illegitimate.

You may only enter once. Multiple PMs will be ignored.

Entries are only accepted by PM.


To have your name entered in the drawing, you must PM me this basic form:


Name (real or user):

Fursona Name:

Fursona Reference Photo (preferred for accurate rendition, but optional) :

Fursona Description:



The winner will be decided and announced on the 21st. To make sure the names are accurately randomized, the list will be entered on www.random.org.

The drawing will then be completed, and I will send the scan of it to the winner on December 25th, 2010.


Optional details: If the winner so desires, I will ship them the completed drawing free of charge in the weeks following Christmas. This is completely up to the user, and I will give them the option when I send them the completed drawing scan.


Please post questions and comments on this thread.


Thank you!

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