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So, my laptop's power supply is flaking out.


I know what I need to do.. Just not sure how to go about doing it.


The end connector there is encased in epoxy putty (the copper colored stuff), and I have no idea how to remove it. I've heard several suggestions from leaded gasoline to boiling water to nail polish remover.

I know this stuff is insanely hard and intended to be difficult to remove.


The issue, as you could probably see, is that the cord is severed just below the putty. It's still working for the time being, but it's flaky.


It's done this before, and how I fixed it was I stripped off all the plastic from the end (the original end) and soldered the cord back on. I packed it in the epoxy putty to keep it from breaking again.


I probably won't be doing that again...


So, eventually I will be getting a new power supply, but I need this one fixed for now.


So if you guys know how to get epoxy putty off of things, please let me know.

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