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Bible study on September 25

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I'm attending Rainfurrest this weekend and will be unable to provide Bible study. This is because 1) I'm taking public transportation between the con and my pad, so I would miss a lot if I hosted it from my pad, 2) I had much difficulty hosting Bible study from Further Confusion and Anthrocon due to finding a place with internet reception that was quiet, and 3) I really don't want to lug around my laptop, microphone, and headphones (or speakers depending on if I thought people would participate there) in addition to whatever else I may have. If I were more awesome, then I probably could pull it off, but I'm not, so you'll just have to wait a week. Sorry about that to those who were hoping to attend Bible study this Saturday.


You can, however, spend a lot of time with Acts chapter 23, for that is what we will be covering on October 2. I look forward to seeing you there! (and yes I'm aware that you'll neither be seen by me nor be gathered physically in the same place as me, but that's what happens in the liminal space that is the internet)


Blessings and Shalom!

~Direlda, your insane vulpine Bible study leader

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