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How to participate in Direlda's Bible Study

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So, you want to participate in my Bible study, but don't know how? Well no worries! ^^


First you need to have an internet connection because my Bible study is done online.


Then you need to download Skype. You can find it here: http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/home. It's free and does a pretty good job.


After that add me as a friend (my id is on my profile) and make sure to mention who you are/why you are adding me, so that I don't think you are a spammer or something (because I do get those from time to time... >.> ).


All you need to do after that is be willing to spend about an hour on Saturday (or Sunday morning if you are in that part of the world) in the Bible study. It starts at 12pm Pacific Time, which is 8pm Greenwich Mean Time and 3am on Sunday for Kuala Lumpur and everyone else in that time zone (which is why you won't usually see Sphen there, though he has been crazy enough at least once...).


And while you don't have to, you are welcome (and somewhat encouraged) to read the chapter we will be covering sometime before you show up (there's a whole week between Bible study sessions...).


Here's the format of the Bible study.

I open us in prayer (or, on a rare occasion, I will have someone else say it).

I read the chapter aloud (which is why you don't need to read it beforehand...). I use the NRSV translation, but you don't have to, in fact, I would prefer it it you used whatever translation you are most comfortable with since sometimes the differences in translations help reveal important things.

I open things up for discussion. You can say as much or as little as you like (and it is perfectly fine to just listen). I believe all of you are capable of coming up with insights and admit that I do not know all there is to know regarding Scripture. So I value what you have to say and would like you to speak up if you have something to say because you are just as important in going deeper into the chapter as I am.

At some point I will run out of things to say and come to the realisation that no one else has anything to say.

I close us in prayer, though I also like to have other people close and will often ask for volunteers (though sometimes I'm volunteered...).

Following the Bible study there is often random chatting with each other.


I do record the Bible study, so that others may benefit from what is discussed, though I have yet to satisfactorily post these recordings (I better do so soon... ^^; ).


I think that's everything... if not or if you have questions, please let me know.

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