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Favorite Games!

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(Ok,I had a thread of this previously here but somehow I accidently deleted it when I was trying to edit something..o_0;; So I'm re-posting it for you all. XD I'm sorry about this crazy moment)


What are your favorites?


My personal faves are:




The Kingdom Hearts series


The Ratchet and Clank series


The Spyro series


The Crash Bandicoot series


Dynasty Warriors series


The Bloody Roar series


The Final Fantasy series


Zoids Battle Legends


The Legend of Dragoon


Dragon Seeds


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Castlevainia: Curse of Darkness


Resident Evil 4


and the list goes on forever. XD

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Okami was amazing

The first 3 Spyro games were really good (they killed it with the 4th one)

Age of Empires


Jade Dynesty

Team Fortress 2

Majesty (Haven't played in a long time tho)

Sly Cooper



I forget what else..

I was thinking on starting a youtube series to review games that are easy to understand/play for people that aren't gamers.

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Guild Wars, all three plots were great and I'm looking forward to GW2. ^^ I'm also quite pleased with the new updates they've been releasing. ^^


On a note: And as long as I don't see another creature in my lifetime with the words 'Spectral Agony' in their skill list I'll be satisfied. Seriously, I would probably rip off my own foot if it would delete that skill. It would be better named 'Finger of Death' or 'The designers felt compelled to find new ways to make you cry'. I can deal with one mob having it, but Five with a boss? No.

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What a way coming back and making the forum active after being away for a while!! The questions on the favorite games will surely keep the members busty for a while and we can be sure to see some activity here for some time now talking about games and discussions, opinions and suggestions about them!! With so many games around, it’ll be a tough call to choose a favorite!! It’ll make interesting read though!!

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