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I never said 'hi'!!

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Hello CF! I'm kinda' new to the fandom, joined this year, and I've mostly used FFC for chatting with fellow Christian furs. I'm just a normal christian who's dying to have some good clean fun in an awesome fan community, as well as share with you what God's done for me.

My character is kinda' simple. Speckles Grey Highoof, (Specks for short) is a grey clydesdale with dark gray speckles. He's strong, fast, compassionate, funny, everything I am! We're the same! I also kinda' have him as my alter ego, so to speak. So, in case if you hear me use my eating of grass for this thanksgiving (We have a big lawn out front and *urp* I kinda' overdid it), don't worry! I'm not really a grass eater! But, I guess you already knew that! (or DID you?!)

So, anyway, I'm ready to get to know you guys and have some fun!



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