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    Christian Pink Fox!
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    Brandon_X_Fox (ps3 mostly)
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    God, bible, being outdoors, spending time with family, and well a lot more just ask :3
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    Pink fox

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  1. Brandon_X_Fox

    Hello, newbie here.

    Hello and welcome God Bless!
  2. Brandon_X_Fox

    *Churr* Hello!

    Very beautiful miss, welcome Pink fox here, 27, names Brandon *holds out paw*
  3. Brandon_X_Fox

    I am back finally got my password changed

    thank you fellow kind fur *gives a hug*
  4. so yes I know many of you may not know me but I am Brandon_X_Fox a pink fox to be exact and bisexual just wanted to say whoever greeted me before when i signed up just wanna say that i am back :3
  5. Brandon_X_Fox

    Most realistic Fursuit I've seen in awhile

    thats a darn good fursuit ^^
  6. Brandon_X_Fox


    welcome to teh forums
  7. Brandon_X_Fox

    heyyy everybody

    thanks so much guys, looking forward to talkin with all of you!:blush:
  8. Brandon_X_Fox

    Good day

    welcome to the forums hun, hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. Brandon_X_Fox

    currently reading: Bram stoker's Dracula

    not really into books much myself but they can be fun at times
  10. Brandon_X_Fox

    heyyy everybody

    thanks everybody for being so friendly, i look forward to making lots of friends
  11. Brandon_X_Fox

    heyyy everybody

    thanks carter appreciate it man! *hugs* Brandon_X_Fox
  12. Brandon_X_Fox

    heyyy everybody

    hey all my names Brandon, i'm 22 years old im a pink fox, i like to go swimming, playing video games, sleeping, and a lot more, i hope to make some good friends here