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  1. I already got Red Blue and Yellow for Gameboy... so Legend of Zelda twilight princess, Pokémon super mystery dungeon. Oh and Xenoblade chronicles looks cool.
  2. I have Krita I haven't used it much but I have it. So far I haven't noticed that problem but I will see if it dose the same on my computer.
  3. I don't even have any lines written down for Quinn other then the audition lines so far. I do how ever have lots of plans for him.
  4. Cool. The characters name is Quinn. There is info about him in the word document (Link on original post). The audition line is on there. Still no hurry with lines for him though. By the way Quinn (engineer) and Brath(Spy) will have there own short cartoons as well. Quinn and Brath fight with each other like siblings even though they are not related. Also Brath is Scottish so both get annoyed when people think there from the same place. They also both get annoyed when anyone thinks there related.
  5. I will be posting the animated cartoons to YouTube to start with. I do have an Irish Engineer character that needs a voice. He needs to distinctly sound Irish though not Scottish. He won't show up till a different episode so there is no rush on get his lines recorded.
  6. I guess the genre is sci-fi/comedy. (Although it dosen't have vary much science put into it. It will/dose have history in several episodes. Due to the endless possibility of where an episode takes place it is hard to categorize.) As for the target audience I intend it to be for kids but also be something the family would enjoy watching together.
  7. It took me forever but I finally got it done! The lip sync is still off because my computer kept lagging on play back. Any Way I hope you like it. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vn8_3PBMhs
  8. It stars some characters of mine called the Army Cubes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdj_3-C0m-U Hope you enjoy.
  9. How well dose the frame you made work?
  10. I made some music with royalty free loops that I might use for my cartoons. Just Wanted to share it with you guys. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qqifz3uqb3i9i5g/AAAAeWpvADhuh3bccxU1djFja?dl=0
  11. Have you tested stage 1 to see how well it will work? Also the picture for stage two looks like a ninja turtle
  12. Owl City is actually just one guy Adam Young. He only has a band at concerts.
  13. Make sure you shrink the canvas size to other wise it will still be about the same as it was to start with.
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