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    A bit of blacksmithing

    This is an art in a sense, but not a visual art in the sense meant by the forum categorization. This is a physical craft and the thread would probably be better suited to the fursuits and crafts board. All that being said, I am very fond of old-timey pre-gunpowder martial technologies. Knives, axes, swords, shields, and clubs are some of my favorite things. Have you made any pieces of armor before?
  2. Nathan of the Little Paws

    TPP and what it means for CF

    Not necessarily. If it's a pornographic parody/fanwork that's a different beast from being an actual copy of the work it's derived from.
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    New to all of this

    Welcome to Christianfurs!
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    TPP and what it means for CF

    You wish. Lots of them just host their own content rather than linking to others anyway. Except the ones that are using stolen content and aren't going to be taken down even with the new laws.
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    Adventure, Ho!

    Thank you! I had a lot of fun drawing these and hope to make more. Maybe even a comic with some form of continuity. I have more art of us related to things other than fantasy adventure, but I'm not sure how much of it would be permissible to display here. Modern tech level stuff too, warranting a separate topical thread.
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    New dragon in town!(or forum---either one)

    Hey, I know you from that IRC place I go to. Welcome to Christianfurs forum, Rikku!
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    Tay'Rat everybody!

    Welcome artist
  8. Nathan of the Little Paws

    Adventure, Ho!

    The text under one of the pictures explains it - partway through our relationship she becomes the magical spirit of a volcano and has to spend her time in it to keep it from erupting. Her nature as the volcano's spirit extends to protecting me from harm when I'm in there. And as a mage her specialties are listed as heat/temperature control and teleportation. She can cast spells that keep things cool even in the presence of lava.
  9. Nathan of the Little Paws

    Adventure, Ho!

    Princess Katie is primarily a mage with magic associated with heat: she can use fire and ice just as readily. When forced into direct combat she acts as a two-dagger swashbuckler, favoring dodging over armor. Sir Nathan is mostly a man-at-arms with preference of throwing weapons over swordplay, heavy armor, and shields; he knows only a little magic and almost nothing useful outside an adventuring context. Again, Sir Nathan's spells mostly revolve around healing. Strange how it happens that her daggers and his claymore have blades of equal length and width, to the point that their sheaths/scabbards are interchangeable. My most recent picture. Some sort of potion or spell effect has awakened a draconic bit of his ancestry and given him this massive form here, allowing him to snatch her away from the castle of her father. Not entirely sure if this fits with the adventure drawing continuity, actually, but this is full of retcons over our fursona designs already anyway so whatever. Picture I drew to celebrate my second anniversary with Katie. I measure from the time I added her to my Skype contacts rather than when our relationship "really" started, because it came upon us so gradually and naturally that the date would be hard to pinpoint in retrospect. Intentional throwback to some of our earlier designs rather than what we use currently. The drawing is likewise a callback to the preceding "proposal" picture. I've heard from her once in the past month and a half, and said message was very short. I miss her dearly.
  10. Nathan of the Little Paws

    Adventure, Ho!

    Some nefarious wizard has trapped this golden idol (which can be sold for multiple hundreds of copper pieces!). Luckily Sir Nathan's high Perception score allowed him to see the trap for what it was and gave him time to think through ways to get the treasure without getting snapped. Years of traveling alone or with temporary allies finally over, Sir Nathan returns to his mate's lair in the volcano. He gives her the magical ring while proposing marriage (which they had discussed many times before). Far fewer of her relatives show up to the wedding than his. Many of them still object to a mouse and a cat as mates. I actually drew the picture of their honeymoon suite first and the wedding ceremony drawing was in response to a comment I got about it. It seems for a while that he is done adventuring and the two are content to spend their days in her volcanic den. This does not last long.
  11. Nathan of the Little Paws

    Adventure, Ho!

    Sir Nathan seeks out a benediction from a priest of the Crystal Dragon before heading into battle against the forces of evil. This priest happens to be a Leprechaun. Sir Nathan using a hatchet to defend a Dwarven settlement from an evil tree. Sir Nathan using his fairy magic to heal his comrade in arms Sir Geoffrey after a battle. I attempted (and failed) perspective in this one. On the road again, doing battle with an ordinary goblin. Oddly solitary though, this fellow; their warbands are usually in the dozens or scores. His magic boomerang is named "Fetch" and was crafted for him by a gnome. It works the way boomerangs are "supposed to" according to game logic and, to a lesser extent, cartoon logic.
  12. Nathan of the Little Paws

    Adventure, Ho!

    When the proper tools for a given task are unavailable, he is forced to improvise. In this case, using his dagger to pick the lock on a chest. This is the first of these adventure-themed pictures I drew, not counting the one two posts previous. Along with a decent haul of coins, gemstones, and a healing potion he found a ring in this treasure hoard. His fey senses told him that it was enchanted, so he decided to store it for later. He was too small to equip it himself. After a hard day's adventuring, Sir Nathan sometimes celebrates with a large frosy mug of cider. When one town is exhausted of quests for him or he has been using it as a base for too close to a month, he packs up and travels the road looking for a new place to adventure. He is technically faster and has more endurance than his mount Mr. Fluffums the trained ferret, but it's worthwhile to have an extra set of jaws and claws on his side. When ever Nathan sleeps, he dreams of her and he appears in the dreams wrought by her four-year slumber. These are the same dreams; their souls are joined such that they receive visions of each other while their bodies rest. Based on how the real Katie and I would have shared dreams often during our first year together (they seem to have diminished considerably if not stopped entirely in our second year together, coinciding with us talking and RPing less often. I hope to God that they come back for our third year because they were the best part of going to sleep).
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    Hi I'm New here

    Neat fursona. Welcome to the site.
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    Welcome back!
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    Roleplay/Dungeons and dragons

    I've been working on a game and planning to run it for a while (GURPS, not D&D, in my case) but D&D is often quick and easy to set up. So some questions about your campaign before I get too interested in playing: Which edition of D&D? I have the free version of 5th Edition and I think there are some D&D, AD&D 1st, AD&D 2nd, and 3rd/3.5 books in the house somewhere but they're not immediately handy. What setting? Greyhawk, Mystara, Forgotten Realms, Points of Light (personal favorite), Dragonlance, Dark Sun, Spelljammer, Planescape, or homebrew? Any houserules I'd need to be aware of? Allowed classes and races? Intended playstyle? (I'm all over bashing monsters upside the head and collecting treasure. Not interested in playing politics at the local wizards' guildhouse.)
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    *squeaks softly* Heey all

    Welcome to the forum, Toxxic.
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    Returning After a LONG Time

    Welcome back, Curo!
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    IRC Webchat

    I certainly noticed the presence of a new user or two in there recently. This is a good thing, after somewhere close to a year of just me, James Silverwolf, and occasional visits from Fahn and FoxPod.
  20. Nathan of the Little Paws

    3d6. In order. No rerolls.

    Name: Sir Nathan of the Little Paws, or Nathan Littlepaws Alignment: Lawful Good (laidback demeanor and fun-loving spirit sometimes cause the appearance of Chaotic Neutral) Race: Counts as Lightfoot Halfling for expediency's sake; will still be a Halfling subrace if I get around to writing one up. Class: Cleric (of the Crystal Dragon; Life Domain) Background: Folk Hero archetype. Stands 3'1" tall and weighs in at 42 lbs. His fur is hot pink in coloration with white paws and underbelly; he has distinctly tanuki-like blue fur markings around his eyes. His tail is long enough to sometimes sweep the ground behind him and is hot pink with white stripes. His eyes are blue-green. Nathan was originally a cook and floor-scrubber at a small-town inn. Finding himself unable to keep up with that job and make enough money to call it a "living", he decided to start plundering dungeons. With naught but a sturdy club, several thick layers of tunics, a torch, and an empty backpack he bravely ventured into the sewers of his hometown and found some dirty coins, a scroll from which he learned his Light cantrip, and a note that appeared to be the scribblings of a dying madman...promising a "key" to open the large chest in that very room. Unable to solve the mystery on his own, he went to the inn and discussed this with fellow neophyte adventurers. These same adventurers agreed to accompany him on a return trip for a share in the chest's contents once the mystery was solved (or the Rogue picked the lock, whichever came first). Having more money to spare than he, they bootstrapped the aspiring warrior. The chest was eventually opened (though not without cost). Among Nathan's share were a holy symbol and a small statuette seemingly made of glass, roughly the size of a chess piece. In a dream he was visited by the fearsome foe of all fell fiends to whom he'd been praying for safety quite often in the preceding week; after the initial terror passed, he allowed the love into his heart ever more deeply and was blessed with the gifts of healing and a special strength for fighting against evil. Thus, the Level 0 Commoner became a Level 1 Cleric and purchased for himself his remaining starting equipment before setting out on his journey in earnest. HP 8 AC 14 Speed 25 ft STR 11 (+0) DEX 13* (+1) CON 10 (+0) INT 10 (+0) WIS 18 (+4) CHA 13* (+1) *Includes bonus from racial template. Proficiencies: Wisdom Save, Charisma Save, Light/Medium/Heavy Armor, Shields, Simple Weapons, Medicine, Religion, Animal Handling, Survival, Cooking Spells: (Cantrips) Light, Sacred Flame, Spare the Dying; (1st Level) Heal Wounds, Guiding Bolt. Equipment: Mace(1d8 bludgeoning) (4 lbs), Handaxe(1d6 slashing, Range 20/60) (2 lbs), Leather Armor (10 lbs), Shield (6 lbs), Cross Necklace (neg), Explorer's Pack (5 lbs pack + 47 misc contents = 52), Shovel (5 lbs), Cook's Utensils (8 lbs), Mysterious Figurine (neg), 10 GP. Total weight of loadout: 87 lbs of a maximum 165. GURPS version of character here. http://christianfurs.net/topic/8055-3d6-in-order-no-rerolls/?p=53724 Real name: Nathan Karr Other names: Ronintendo, Ronin Catholic About your fursona: On Mondays I'm 200 feet tall; otherwise, I'm small as a mouse. My fur tastes like cotton candy and white chocolate; I'm extremely variable and indecisive about exact physical details but I'm pretty consistently pink. Age: 27 (Woohoo, happy birthday!) Gender: Masculine pronouns because my sex is male, of course. Location: Michigan Artist/Writer: I dabble in both of these artistic media. Style: Generally cartoony and expressive visual arts, very dialogue-heavy stories with minimalist descriptive details. Been to any cons: Nope. Fav. music: Synthetic instrumentals. Likes: Food! Videogames! Fantasy and adventure! Reading! Characters of disparate sizes interacting! Dry humor! Enthusiasm! Dislikes: Socializing. Foods that I don't like. Being poor. Living several states apart from my mate. Pro-GLBT propaganda and proselytizing. Church Denomination: Roman Catholic.
  21. Nathan of the Little Paws

    3d6. In order. No rerolls.

    Well this place is certainly more active than I'd been lead to believe over the past two and a half years. Thank you all for the warm welcome. GURPS statblock for this character: Nathan Littlepaws (142 points) ST 10[30] HP 12[0] SM -1 DX 11[0] Per 14[20] IQ 10[0] Will 14[20] Speed 5.25 HT 10[-10] FP 10[0] Move 4 Dmg 1d/1d-2 BL 20 Dodge 8/10 Block 11 Advantages: Attractive Appearance[4]; Divine Favor 4[15], Halfling[0], Higher Purpose(Slay Demons)[5], Holiness 2[10], Gigantism[0], Night Vision 3[3], No Kleptomania[15], Magery 0[5], Magery 3(Single College: Healing, -40%)[18], Peripheral Vision[15] Perks: Boomerang Loyalty[1], Improvised Weapons(Kitchenware)[1], Fur[1], Giant Weapons 1[1], Rest in Pieces[1], Sharp Teeth[1]. Disadvantages: Honesty(9)[-15], Sense of Duty(Adventuring Companions)[-5], Intolerance(Evil Religions)[-5], Oblivious[-5], Truthfulness(6)[-10] Quirks: Attentive[-1], Careful[-1], Distinctive Features(Hot Pink and Candy-Scented)[-1], Uncongenial[-1], Vow(Tithe 10% of Loot)[-1] Skills: Axe/Mace(DX+2)[8]-13, Shield(DX+2)[4]-13, Thrown Weapon(Stick)(DX+4)[4]-15, Knife(DX+1)[2]-12 Esoteric Medicine(Holy)(Per+1)[2]-15, Theology(IQ)[1]-10, Animal Handling(Canine)(IQ)[2]-10, Climbing(DX-1)[1]-10, Riding(Canine)(DX)[2]-11, Stealth(DX+1)[1]-12, Survival(Woodlands)(Per-1)[1]-13 Spells: Light(IQ-2)[1]-8, Continual Light(IQ-2)[1]-8, Lend Energy(IQ+1)[1]-11, Lend Vitality(IQ+1)[1]-11, Stop Bleeding(IQ+1)[1]-11. Equipment: Small Mace (1d+2 cr, $35, 3 lbs), Hatchet (1d cut, $40, 2 lbs), Boomerang (1d cr, Range 60/100 yds, $20, 1 lb) (x3 = $60, 3 lbs), Medium Shield (1d-2 cr, DB+2, $60, 6 lbs), Full Leather Armor (SM-1; DR 1, $200, 10 lbs), Large Backpack(SM-1; 50 lb capacity, 5 lbs, $50), Bandoleer(SM-1; $30, 0.5 lbs), Purse($10, 0.2 lbs; contains $299 in coins), Holy Symbol Necklace($50, 1 lb) Contents of Backpack: Shovel(SM-1; $8, 4 lbs), Personal Basics(SM-1; $4, neg), Group Basics(SM-1; $34, 13 lbs); Rations x30, $60, 15 lbs), Torches x10 ($30, 10 lbs), Wineskin ($10, 0.25 lbs + 2 lbs water 1/4 full), 3'8" Rope (20 yds, $10, 3 lbs), Blanket(SM-1; $10, 2 lbs), Mysterious Figurine($N/A, neg). Weight Worn in Combat: 25.7 lbs (Light Encumbrance; Move 3, Dodge 7/9) Weight of Backpack & Contents: 54.25 lbs Long-Distance Travel Loadout: 79.95 lbs (Heavy Encumbrance; Move 1, Dodge 5/7) Quick drawing of the character.