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    Loving God, playing video games, making videos and talking with other people.

    I have to say this, I will tell the truth because I believe in the word and the truth it has. So, know the answer I want you to know that I have for all of you is that I love you.
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  1. God loves all that he has created, but that does not mean we are all of children of God. Even good people go to hell.

    1. Penter


      "For there is no one righteous, no not one"...

      When we want to determine the goodness of humanity, what we must do is compare it to something outside. That would essentially be comparing us between God, and the Devil. While we may not be intentionally evil out of our own will, when compared to God we are more like Demons if anything- We are trapped in sin. Yes, God loves everyone. Yes, Not everyone is a son of God. But that doesn't mean the people in Hell do not deserve it, o...

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