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  1. I will always love you, but know God's Agape is forever.

  2. What does it mean to follow God? Will you follow all that hurts you and kills you on this narrow road that is set. Or will you find safety like a fly attracted to honey?

  3. What does it mean to follow God? Will you follow all that hurts you and kills you on this narrow road that is set. Or will you find safety lie a fly attracted to honey?

  4. God loves all that he has created, but that does not mean we are all of children of God. Even good people go to hell.

    1. Penter


      "For there is no one righteous, no not one"...

      When we want to determine the goodness of humanity, what we must do is compare it to something outside. That would essentially be comparing us between God, and the Devil. While we may not be intentionally evil out of our own will, when compared to God we are more like Demons if anything- We are trapped in sin. Yes, God loves everyone. Yes, Not everyone is a son of God. But that doesn't mean the people in Hell do not deserve it, o...

  5. What does it mean to be a Child of God? To read the bible and do as we please and never be corrected? Or to lives life that God knows that is possible and wonderful as long as we follow him?

  6. To live for God is to be hated upon those who choose not to accpet the truth. To live in the world of sin is to live in darkness, and accept lies that cover the truth.

  7. What is your choice when it comes to shouting out the word of God? The truth of what it is, or a lie to be satisfied?

  8. I need God's help and my brothers and sisters to help me through my sinful battle. It maybe hard at times but I know we can overcome together.

  9. God has done so much and has seen the ugly and the beautiful. I am his rainbow and child, I have done so much ugly but have turned to him to be beautiful.

  10. The language we speak does not have to be from another country. This language is to reach out to those who do not understand God's word. To speak this language we as people of God must learn how they talk in theirs before giving the word of God in their language.

  11. What eyes will you see through? The the eyes of man where everything wrong seems right? Or the eyes of God, where everything that is right is of him?

  12. Love is life. The feeling that when everyone else around you says to give up. Love says to keep on moving ahead. That is Love.

  13. When everything feels like it is falling apart. Just know that you are children of God, and know that nothing will bring you down.

  14. The Enemy will attack with no mercy and without a second though. But you are children of God, and with him by your side. The fight with the devil, is nothing but a walk in the park.

  15. Its is your choice to choose between the path of light or the path of darkness. But as for me I shall follow the path that God has given me.

  16. It's not my job to save souls, its God's job. I am his serveant here just to show you that way towards him.

  17. If it is not your choice to be what you want to be. Then why make choices at all?

  18. I struggle with sin, but all I can say is Thank you God for another day :)

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